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Why Choose Us?

  • Digital ​transformation, ​delivered using ​our ​cutting-edge technology product suite
  • O​ver 90% automation & STP​,​ delivered across business verticals
  • Cloud-ready, customizable & ​scalable​ product portfolio​s,​ delivered on aSaaS model
  • Integrated ​machine learning​ algorithms​, which​ continue to refine operational processes to increase throughput
  • Advanced ​s​olutions that ​s​treamline ​p​ost-trade ​p​rocessing and address comprehensive product coverage & security needs

Trade life cycle management
Valuation and reporting
Straight-through reconciliation
Single-click economic allocation
Enterprise content management and integration
Simplified regulatory reporting

Cutting Edge Tech

Machine Learning

​Algorithms to enrich and enhance operations-​integrated organically into product suite


A digital leader that keeps a record of all transactions taking place on a peer-to-peer network​​used to power private equity & private debt transactions

Viteos Universe

Proprietary technology platform to power operational needs with a control-suite that provides unmatched control to the CxO

Actionable Insights

​Machine ​learning-​powered data insights that provide differentiation​,​ compared to stale dashboards


Robotic Process automation tools to reduce human intervention and increase throughput

Products & Solutions

Viteos Universe is a suite of innovative solutions for hedge fund and private equity operations. Together, these solutions form a secure, centralized workflow management process on a fully integrated platform. Building machine learning into every aspect of fund management, Viteos generates automated reconciliations and data that provides accurate predictions and business-critical insights for COOs and CFOs. User-friendly interfaces and automated tasks make middle and back office operations intuitively easy, while digital delivery and alerts optimize every process for speed and efficiency. The combination of effective technology and strong accounting knowledge creates a powerful platform.

VU Product Suite delivers accurate data, reports securely, and provides an in-depth view into activities by prime brokers, custodians, and order management systems. This comprehensive real-time repository contains all the information you need: transaction processing, global reference master, treasury and mid-office processing, and reconciliations. And for ease of use, there’s a custom dashboard configuration for every fund stakeholder: CxO, operations, accounting, and fund managers.

Complex trades and positions. Smart reconciliations. Viteos’s reconciliation technology workflow ensures data is collected from all external sources—prime brokers, counterparties, FCM, custodians, administrators. Then it runs this data through your custom-designed rules engine—and identifies breaks. Manage exceptions with the Exception Dashboard and complete interactive reporting. Save time and money on borrowing and margin fees by expertly reconciling all trades across asset classes, currencies, and time zones.

VU Treasury Intelligent Tools cover the complete spectrum of hedge fund treasury operations: cash/FX management, OTC collateral management, wires, prime broker margin, PB financing validation and optimization, stock borrow, and broker wallet. Gain insights, validate and optimize margins and fees, and track returns and borrows—all with one unified treasury solution.

VU Treasury pulls details from internal feeds, counterparty statements, and reports into one centralized location, expediting the time it takes to make an informed decision. The OTC Collateral management module gives you the confidence to resolve disputes with counterparties, allowing you to independently compute margin calls. VU Treasury also helps you easily post collateral—and transfer it seamlessly to VU Wires.

The VU Allocation has everything your hedge fund needs to track and manage allocations and transfers. VU Allocation includes investor engine, allocation engine, fee engine, and accounting engine connectivity, as well as on fund structures and transaction workflows. Choose from VU Allocation to capture all PPM attributes or VU Allocation Lite, with basic data capture for investor level NAV. Generate investor statements and contract notes, book manual trades, compute trade level charges, set-up funds, and monitor capital activity workflows.

The only integrated investor management and allocation platform for domestic partnership and offshore structures. Manage the entire investor management process from one intuitive platform. VU Allocations handles even the most complex fund structures, including private equity N-tiers. Capable of working in standalone or linked modules, VU Allocations combines flexibility and convenience with KYC and FATCA compliance features for a perfectly integrated, end-to-end solution.

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